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Adelaide Refugee and New Arrival Program (ARANAP)

The Adelaide Refugee and New Arrival Program (ARANAP) is an innovative program which is run in partnership with the Australian Refugee Association (ARA) and funded by the Adelaide Primary Health Network to address some of the barriers that people from refugee backgrounds face in accessing primary health care services. The program works both to help individuals to overcome barriers in accessing primary healthcare services and also works with primary healthcare providers to increase their capacity to provide support to people from refugee backgrounds.

ARANAP supports refugees and newly arrived people, who live in the Adelaide region and have resided in Australia for less than five years. In exceptional circumstances, people who have been in Australia for up to 10 years may be supported.

STTARS' Refugee Nurse/Advocates conduct health assessments to identify unmet primary healthcare needs and then link clients to the appropriate services. Where necessary the nurse accompanies the client to initial appointments to provide support and advocacy.

STTARS' Refugee Nurse/Advocates work closely with ARA Bicultural Support Workers who play a vital role in bridging cultural understanding between the health and related systems in Australia and those the client may have encountered in their country of origin.

Accompanying clients to appointments provides an opportunity for Refugee Nurse/Advocates to form relationships to open the door for capacity-building activities with healthcare providers.

This work is supported by resources such as the “Australian Refugee Health Practice Guide; Primary care for people from refugee backgrounds” booklet and the website. The South Australian page on the website is maintained by STTARS' Refugee Nurse/Advocates.